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User agreement for ILIAS @ HS-KARLSRUHE

§1 Copyrights

(1) With this agreement you expressly acknowledge that the service offering contains
information, texts, software, images, videos, graphics, sound and other materials
that are protected by copyright, trademark or patent rights
and that the Copyright and exploitation rights belong exclusively to its licensors

§2 Use of the information and materials

(1) The right of use granted here is not transferable and
is granted to you alone. You may
use, display, reformat, download
and print the materials accessible to you through ILIAS. This right applies only to personal and
non-commercial use.

(2) You undertake not to
reproduce, use, sell, transfer, publish
or otherwise make available ILIAS materials for other purposes.

(3) On an occasional and irregular basis, you are permitted to use
insignificant parts of the ILIAS materials in seminar papers, presentations and
articles, provided that the copyright provisions
are adhered to. This consent is conditional on every use
of ILIAS materials being identified by a correct source reference

(4) The aforementioned permission does not include postings to newsgroups, mailing lists,
electronic bulletin boards or other electronic distribution channels
outside the ILIAS environment.

§3 About this agreement

(1) This agreement can be viewed online under the menu item “User Agreement”
on your personal home page. (2) ILIAS is entitled to change

any section of this agreement at any time .
Changes come into force as soon as ILIAS has published them online
. The “User Agreement” link is marked with a note every time there is a change
. This only expires after you
have viewed the changed provisions. If you do not agree to the changes
, you must terminate your subscription to the ILIAS offering.
Your continued use of the ILIAS Offering constitutes your acceptance of the modified
Agreement and your agreement
to be bound by the terms of the modified Agreement.

§4 Changes to the offer

(1) ILIAS can change
or disable parts or certain functions of the offer at any time. Accordingly, ILIAS can limit the use of
and access to the ILIAS offerings as well as the duration and scope of use at any time
. However, ILIAS strives
to keep downtimes as short as possible and to ensure that all functions
are available at all times.

§5 Fees

(1) The use of the server and its contents is free of charge for students
and members of Karlsruhe University of Applied Sciences.

§6 Registration and access identification

(1) To log in, please use your access data for the central systems
of the information center, i.e. user name and the corresponding password.

(2) By using the ILIAS Offerings under the terms of this Agreement,
you warrant to ILIAS that:

· the information you provided to ILIAS to
register as a user is complete, correct and currently valid
; · that you will inform

ILIAS of any changes to your user data within 15 days ; · that you will not share your user ID and password with anyone . If any of the user information is knowingly provided incorrectly or if the user data is changed and is intentionally not corrected, or you violate these provisions in any way, ILIAS has the right to temporarily revoke or terminate your right to use. (3) You are responsible for every use of the ILIAS offering that is carried out using your user ID and password. You must ensure that your user ID and password are protected from unauthorized use. If you notice or suspect misuse of your access data, you undertake to notify ILIAS project management immediately.

§7 End of ILIAS usage authorization

(1) The usage authorization for ILIAS and the right to use the ILIAS materials
expires as soon as your access is deactivated.

(2) You can terminate your right to use the ILIAS offering at any time without
giving reasons by
informing ILIAS project management of your decision.

(3) ILIAS may suspend access to any or all of the ILIAS Materials or
terminate your AUTHORITY TO USE the ILIAS Materials
(by you or by anyone else who
has access to ILIAS under your user ID and password) in such a way be used that ILIAS
considers to be a violation of this agreement or that otherwise
results in damage to ILIAS.

§8 Warranty and product liability

(1) The ILIAS services, information and materials are
offered on an “as-is” and “as-available” basis. There is no guarantee.

(2) You expressly agree that the use of the ILIAS materials
is at your own risk. ILIAS does not guarantee that
the program functions meet the user's requirements or
work together in the selection made by the user. Neither the manufacturer nor the
developer is liable for any damage resulting from the use
of the program.

§9 Announcements

(1) For announcements to you, ILIAS uses email, postings in the area
of the ILIAS offer or conventional letter mail. Notices by ILIAS
are effective from the date on which ILIAS has made reasonable efforts
to contact you. You can contact ILIAS as described in paragraph 1.
Your notices to ILIAS are valid as of the date on which ILIAS
receives the notice.

Karlsruhe, July 4th, 2008